Sunday, March 27, 2011

God did create a great world didn’t he?
Of course there has to be weeds though, otherwise
you wouldn’t appreciate as much the rest of the
yard, or how great the yard looks without them.
(2 Nephi 2:11) By the way, I’m starting to love
the scriptures. They are awesome. Mine are full
of side notes from studying now with all the
great words of God highlighted. I’ve also been
writing all the hymns next to their accompanying
verses in all the scriptures. I found in the back
of the hymnbook how it has all the scriptures in
chronological order with all hymns that have to do
with that particular scripture. I thought it was
kind of neat.

My new area is pretty close to my old area, they
are in the same zone of missionaries like I said.
I can see my old area from here, and I could see
this area pretty well from my old area. I’m still
adjusting but I’m starting to get settled. The only
problem is it’s been raining every day here for the
last week so I’ve mostly seen the ground of this
area as I made sure to not step in too many puddles.

Mengo is a branch still, and the Palace is somehow
on the other side of the area of Mengo we are in so
I haven’t seen it up close.

That bird at the beach is called a Goondy bird
(or so the missionaries say). Goondy in Luganda
means thing, which I think pretty accurately describes
that bird. I hear the spit on them is acidic!

So the week was good. A lot of figuring things out
as to the area and people but there are a lot of
faithful members of the church here. It seems like
a lot of people come and go as they are baptized
but there are a few people who remain faithful
throughout the years. We’ve even been having a few
family home evenings around here and they seem great.
The families we have them with are so close and much
better off than those who aren’t members of the
church, who don’t really have good relationships
with one another.

We had a good DDM on Wednesday and set goals for the
transfer. We agreed on 6 baptisms each from each side
to make 12 baptisms for the district. That would be
great to get that.
We’ve been teaching a lot of people at the church and
giving people baptismal dates right away, the first
time we meet them. It has been good.

Again like I said it’s rained pretty much every day
here for a few hours each day so that kind of delayed
us on some things.

On Sunday there were 5 confirmations and we had 61
people there for sacrament meeting. There is room
for improvement on that one so we hope to see more
people come each week. We also got a less active
recent convert to come this Sunday which was great.
It reminded me of the prodigal son story. Also I was
reminded of the parable of the man who built his
house on a rock and the one who built his house on
the sandy foundation. I related it too on Sunday how
it was drizzling a tiny bit, and yet so many people
didn’t come to church because of that. It really
shows what foundation they are built on if a tiny
bit of drizzle washes their house away. People
need to be truly converted, and not just joining
the church for personal gain. Like Jesus taught, and
the quote mom left, “he who saves his life shall lose
it, and he that loses his life for my sake shall find
it”. I love you all. Let’s lose our lives in the
service of our fellowman because when we are in the
service of others, we are truly in the service of
our God. (Mosiah 2:17).

Elder Welch

Sunday, March 20, 2011

So this week I am getting transferred to Mengo.
I told Patty of how it got its name by being
the place where the “men go” to get drunk. That
was a while ago. I’ll be the District
leader there with Elder M, again another Elder
from Zimbabwe.
Mengo is in the same zone I am in now, and it
is very near where I am right now. I should be
picked up later today to head there. Another
crazy transfer.
The mission opened two
new areas in pretty far out places this transfer
as well with 4 missionaries in each area. We got
18 new missionaries this transfer
and only lose about 4. Rwanda was supposed to
open this transfer but they couldn’t get the
final paperwork done so I think that country
might open up next transfer for proselyting
missionary work.

I definitely feel the love from your emails
and packages. I made those pink pancakes this
morning by the way (a little late for
valentines day pancakes I know) and they were
pretty delicious. Thank you so much!

The rest of the week was good. We’ve been
seeing a lot of the recent converts this last
week and still trying to prepare a few people
for baptism in the next two weeks.

Sorry I just found out that they are coming to
pick me up. The week was good though. We were
able to have a zone activity on Saturday so
we all went to the beach and had some fun there
as well as found out the transfer news.
Sunday we said some final goodbyes and I bore
my testimony in sacrament meeting. Today we have
just been cleaning and packing things
to go. Mengo will be nice and that is now going
to be my new focus eh?
I will make sure to take pictures of the new house
there and everything. I hear the apartment is
very nice but the ward has been
struggling for a while with activity and

Elder Welch

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So the week was good. Mainly lessons all week.
On Thursday I went with Elder M to see a
family from a nearby area he had served in and
we had dinner with Elders Mo and B.

On Sunday we had church and we had 78 people
there. Church went pretty well but it is always
frantic for us missionaries. I always just want
church to be a great experience for our

On Saturday we were able to work with the AP’s
in our area and Elder N from Zimbabwe worked
with Elder M and myself for the day.
It was pretty fun and we learned from the
veteran AP.

Keep up the faith and keep
being awesome!

Elder Welch

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Week

The weeks been good.
So Tuesday was a good day. Almost forgot it was
my birthday until I looked at my planner. The
day was good. In the evening to celebrate we
got some pizza (kind of like you mom and dad) and
Tuttle made achocolate cake which was really nice.
We all just hung out and enjoyed
each other’s company.

On Wednesday we had a DDM and I had us watch some
of the training segments from the District 2 and
talk about how we could become better
missionaries. It was pretty good and the
missionaries in that video are great examples as to
what we want our investigators to see us as.

On Friday we had a District Leaders Council here in
Nsambya and it was good talking about each of our
areas and how we could improve. The AP’s were there
as well which was nice. Afterwards we had a lot of
the baptismal

On Saturday we started the morning by finishing up a
couple of interviews. I went with Elder Tuttle to
the church so he could interview them and while I was
there they were doing cleaning so I
thought I would help out with that. Well we had the
baptisms and all seven of them were baptized. A’s kids,
K and D , and B. It was way awesome. The Elder’s
Quorum president, J M, was able to baptize them all for
us. He did a great job! It was only unfortunate that my
companion wasn’t able to make it to the baptisms..

On Sunday we had 85 people at sacrament meeting which
was great and all seven of those baptized were able to
be confirmed. We even had a guy named M M do his first
confirmation ever. Actually we had him do three and he
did great. We later demonstrated in Elder’s
Quorum how to do a confirmation. I also gave the lesson
in there on the creation and the aspect of the priesthood
in that. One of the guys in there asked about why women
didn’t have the priesthood. I then
explained pretty much the same thing that my former
teacher at BYU taught, the essay she wrote on women that
I sent, and how women’s ‘priesthood’ Is motherhood. Women
are responsible to bring us into the
world, and men are responsible to bring us out of this
world. I went a little more in depth into it but I really
think they all enjoyed it and hopefully it will allow them
to show more respect for women.

And today, we went to Garden City, this mall area in
Kololo that has great restaurants and other things to do.
I did draw out some cash, sorry, to kind of have a nice
celebration lunch. We ate at this place
called New York Kampala, and they serve pizza, burgers,
shakes, and other delicious American food. It was pretty

Well that’s another week for me.
Also we will have to make that cake and take some more
pictures of that eh! I just want you all to
know how much I love you and how true the church is. The
more I know, the more I feel the Spirit, and no other
feeling can even compare to the testifying witness of the
Spirit that this is the true church, and
that Jesus is the Christ who lived and died for us that we
could return to our Heavenly Father and become joint
heirs with him.

Elder Welch