Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First letter home...

Dear Parents,
This week has been good, the first 2 days seemed like 2 weeks though and were really slow but the rest of the week went by fast. The food here isn't too bad but it kind of messes with your stomach if you know what I'm saying. I'm preparing pretty well and learning a lot of new things about how and what to teach. It's really nice being able to devote so much time to study of the gospel and other materials so I can be a better missionary . I also have been reading in the Bible and marking a lot of scriptures I feel I can use out in the mission field. I just can't wait to get out there though honestly. It's not too hard being in class all day but it really all depends on who's teaching and about what. If it's interesting time flies by but if it's about boring stuff it really can seem like forever. My p-day is today, Wednesday, obviously since I'm writing you guys right now. Just forward this to everyone and tell them not to just email me but to write me, again that would be VERY much appreciated. I do have a pretty cool district, but the teachers say we are extremely roudy, yet we're the best teachers, and have the best testimonies out of all the missionaries they teach. We have one guy who played center for the University of Utah, Elder K, he's got a pretty famous last name for Utes football I guess. My companion, Elder R, is a pretty quite guy though. He's big though, he played offensive line at Southern Utah. He's a nice guy though and we get along well. We share the room with two other missionaries, Elders J and P. Elder P played basketball at UVU. Our whole district is really close though. Our zone leader, Elder E, even is an athlete. He's got a scholarship to play tight end at Weber State when he gets back. It's weird because there are two English Districts paired up with this Cantanese district going to Hong Kong and New York.. They've had about 5 different English districts come in and out since they've been here. I don't know if I could have stood being here for 9 weeks to learn English. We had Elder Snow from the second quarom of the seventy talk to us last night at the fireside and it was really good about teaching with the spirit. That's the only way to truely teach people like it says in D and C 100, about how the spirit will bring the knowledge and words to your mouth the moment you need to say them. Nothing else really new around here besides the new mission presidents being taught here this week so the Wilford Woodruff building is closed but I hope to see my new mission president. It's also cool because all of the apostles are here to help train the new mission presidents. It was good cause I ate lunch with Clay and Amy yesterday. It was nice seeing him. It's weird seeing so many sister missionaries around though. I used to think not very many girls served missions but it seems like at least 10 percent of the people here are sister missionaries. We have 3 in our district. In our district there are 3 of us going to Uganda, my companion some other guy and myself, and the rest of the people are going to Tucson, Arizona. Both have their positives and negatives.. They get to use washers and driers, and to not starve. We get to see something different. But my time here is almost up so I'll just leave you with a chapter I liked. In D and C 31 it talks about how those going out to preach the gospel will have the blessing of knowing their families are alright and how the Lord will do what he sees fit when they are out on their missions.. I really like this and know you guys are fine so I don't need to worry about you guys or anything. I also know this is the restored gospel and this is what I need to be doing to help me mature, and become an adult. But I love you guys and I hope to hear from you soon. Just write me responses to this on dear elder as well as emailing back. It really helps. I love you guys.. Remember me, and the Savior.
Love, Trey

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