Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last letter sent before he left MTC

Sorry this didn't get posted sooner! But I love that he is so excited to serve! It's so great to know that he got to Uganda safely and that his new journey in life has begun! We are so happy for him!

We have a half P-Day today since we leave on Monday so I thought I would take the time to email you and tell you how much I love you. Clay took a picture of our travel plans so I hope he sends it to you. It was sad saying bye to him for the last time for almost 2 years though. He teared up a little but I did my best to not. I shared with him a very touching scripture that I had read that day about Jesus Christ. Thank goodness for the Book of Mormon because so many plain and precious things were lost in the Bible. Read 3 Nephi 16:1-3. How awesome is that scripture? It talks of how Christ visited not just the Jews in Israel, or the people of the Americas, but the whole world! He loved the world so much that he visited them all. Right now we're doing some final laundry again to prepare for Monday as well as packing up and making sure our shoes are shined. Making sure we're ready for over 40 hours of traveling time from here, in Provo, to Kampala, Uganda. I am so excited. I can't wait to see the people there. I also want to make sure and pray for the abilitity to truly touch someone's life on the way there. Clay gave me some advice on the best way to talk to people. Tell all the family I love them sooo much! They are the best family in the world, and I'm so glad we all could be united together in the pre-existence to be a family here on the earth! We must have really seen something in each other even then. It is crazy to think of us all before, around the same age, deciding ok you're the parents and we'll be your kids in this order. We were all truly equal. Even now I think we get a taste of Heaven on earth as we are all around adult age and I feel like we all demand respect for one another. But, anyways it's been the same old here at the MTC. Just class, studying, and eating. I did have the opportunity today to teach Elder Fitt in a practice teaching assignment. I taught him about a lot of things other churches may find weird about our church, but showed him all the plain and precious doctrines in the Bible itself, testifying of their importance. We had our last class with Brother D yesterday and it was sad to see him go. We're all hoping he finds that special someone and gets married soon. We have one more class with Brother S on Monday so it will be good to have one last class with him. We even had Brother K teach us today about hard questions or responses investigators might have when we commit them to baptism. That Brother K is such a cool guy. He looks like Buzz Lightyear no joke. He has that kind of Jay Leno chin. My companion and I even had the chance to teach his wife as she pretended to be an investigator. We got to each lunch with Brother K today too. Found out he's just about to graduate from BYU with his political science degree and look for somewhere to go to law school. He's a pretty smart guy. I guess I should tell you about my travel plans though and should stop rambling about things that probably aren't all that interesting. So we meet at the travel office here at the MTC at 1 p.m. on Monday. We go up to the SLC airport and our flight leaves around 5 I think? I'm sorry I forgot my itinerary at my room but I should call around 3 or 4 I think? I have your numbers so I'll call you both up. I will also fill you in than on the travel plans more precisely. I do know that we get in at about 8 a.m. on Wednesday into Kampala. Again though I love you guys so much! I really wish there was more interesting stuff to write to you about but here at the MTC it's pretty basic. We do have this devotional tonight called The Standard of Truth though so that should be good. We will also get to see the fireworks at the stadium of fire at around 10 from here at the MTC too. But not much else to say but that I love you guys so much and appreciate every single thing you do for me. Oh I also did get that package you sent with the paper and other things. I really appreciate everything I get from you two. Tell everyone I love them so much and I love hearing from them. Can't wait to talk to you guys on Monday. Now I'll leave you with another scripture. Moses 6:8-9. Read it. Notice how it says Adam and Eve were modeled in the likeness of God. Who was Eve modeled after? Heavenly Mother. It's similar to how in verse 9 it says "and called their name Adam." Their name is Adam. Just as Heavenly Mother and Father are named Eloheim. Even in Genesis and Exodus it says "us" all over. "Let us go down." "We will create." Women have the power to become Priestesses and have some power in the hereafter as well. I love you guys soooo much. Talk to you Monday.

Elder Trey 'Tex' Welch

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