Sunday, November 14, 2010

The week was good. Lots of lessons like usual.
On Friday we had the baptism of O, who was the
guy who left early the one week, and he’s
a cool guy. I really like him. We had the baptism
that day since
district conference and because of work for him.
On Saturday I found out I was getting transferred
to a place in Kampala called Nsambya. It’s a really
cool area I hear and has really good food.
It’s a ward there too and I’ll be training.
The area is being reopened after being closed for
a couple transfers and I’ll also
be the District Leader. In the Ward Bishopric I guess
one of the guys is from America and works at the
American Embassy.

Sunday we had the District Conference which
was good. Elder Callicker’s talk was good and we had
a good turn out from the Bugembe
Branch there. We held that at the YMCA in Jinja.
A lot of couples, missionaries, and guests. It was
pretty cool.

And today I just cut my hair like the usual
routine I do of cutting it at the very end of each
transfer. That’s about the highlight of today.
I did find a Dr. Pepper at a market though so I
bought a couple which always makes me happier.

Well that’s the week. Just think about things and
how they are different here.
Try and think how your life would be different
if we all didn’t have what
we do have.
Elder Welch

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