Sunday, July 10, 2011

Africa is good. Ya the 4th of July here isn’t celebrated here.
Actually, according to their calendar it’s like June 25, 2003.

Another good week here. Pretty basic again on what goes on.
No travelling or anything just teaching. We didn’t have that
baptisms either because the woman’s brother told her not
to be baptized or take the lessons anymore. We left some
scriptures with her friend to have her read and that’s all
we could do. Well last night we saw them again and she’s
changed her mind and still wants to be baptized and stuff
but I don’t know. The brother is just trying to keep her
from going to any church besides Ethiopian Orthodox.

We did have 37 people at church this Sunday which was great.
We hope to continue improving with attendance.
I didn’t have to teach any classes either, although I did
conduct sacrament meeting.

Well the week was very uneventful so not much to write about.
You are all so amazing and it’s truly a blessing to be a member
of the church. I know it’s true simply because of the persecution.
Take care and be safe.


Elder Welch

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