Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Great Week

I’m doing great!
Another good week here in Uganda.
On Monday we did go to Bugagli Falls
and it was pretty awesome! I tried to take many
pictures so you could see all the amazing sights
there are to see here.

On Tuesday we had Zone conference so President J
and the AP’s came down for that. We were also
interviewed so it was good to meet
with President J. The four Elders from Mbali also
came and spent the night at our place Monday and
Tuesday nights since Mbali is about
a 2 hour drive from Jinja. The conference was
good and we were able to learn much.

On Wednesday we saw this couple, T and R, who are
pretty awesome and even came to the couples party
they had for all of Jinja on Saturday. They really
liked it too! I was surprised cause we saw
them at church last Sunday and I didn’t expect to
see them ever actually coming to church. It’s nice
because they are actually close and remind me of an
American couple the way they actually like cuddle
and show affection for each other which is almost
non-existent here in Uganda.

On Friday J passed his baptismal interview and it’s
so nice to see the way his life has changed for the better.
He was suicidal before and now he sees the purpose in life.
It’s awesome. I hope he progresses and serves a mission
himself someday since he’s about 22.

Sunday was a good Sabbath day. We were supposed to have
2 baptisms but O had to work again so he missed. J was
baptized which was awesome! He really was feeling the
spirit and couldn’t wait to be baptized. We also had
Family Home Evening at the Branch
President’s house. It was good. He served us samoosas
and batunda juice which was a really great meal to
tell you the truth!

I was reading In Moses Chapter 5 this week. I love
verses 6 and 7. I love when the angel asks Adam
“Why dost thou of
fer sacrifices unto the
Lord?” and how Adam responds “I know not, save the
Lord commanded me.” That’s how I feel about anything
that is confusing or I might question
for a second in life or in the gospel. We won’t ever
know on this Earth why the Lord commands us to do some
things, but he does command us, and we need to do them
simply because the Lord wants us to. Adam
does find out what the sacrifices symbolize but for us,
we might not ever find out some of the questions in life
until after we have passed on. I just do the things
because I know that the Lord will provide a
way, because he never commands us to do something,
save he were to provide a way.

Elder Welch

Well that’s been my week.

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