Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yes transfers were this week, and I’m still in
Bugembe. It’s not a bad thing since this has been
the highest baptizing area in the
mission for the last two transfers I think.
In the last three months our area has had 18 baptisms
(13 from my companionship). I talked to
my brothers (the missionaries I came out with) and
they have each had 5 and 6 baptisms each. This area
is good, but I would enjoy a break
from all the dust here.

A District President is like a Stake President, but
the Mission President still has to conduct a lot of
the business. To become a stake is hard and the people
need to pay tithing but we hope to see one here soon.
We got our new Branch President as well. It’s Brother
K. The guy is awesome.
He served in South Africa but is totally humble and
charitable. We’ve always had FHE’s at his house on
Sunday’s and love being with him and
his family.

Well this week was kind of different. I didn’t have
as much time to teach and meet with our investigators
as we would have liked to. On Tuesday I was told that
Elder M and myself were to go to Kampala
to have some new missionary and trainer, training.
So we went up there on Wednesday and went with the
missionaries in Mutungo. It’s a newer
area but their home is so nice. We were mainly
traveling that day as it takes a while to get to Kampala.
We took a “coaster” or a van up
there for the 2 hour drive. My seat was tilted in so
it was uncomfortable falling onto the man next to me
the whole time.
On Thursday we had the training. There were 10 new
missionaries, 6 from Zimbabwe, 2 Americans, a Kenyan,
and a Sister from Malawi. It’s a
powerful group of missionaries and we hope to break
the chain of laziness that has been plaguing this mission.
The two guys from the U.S. are pretty legit.
The training went well though and they got to see some
of the new ways we are trying to teach people in this
We stayed the night at the Assistants place on Thursday
night and Friday morning we worked on finishing up
transfers and getting ready
to drive down to Jinja. Oh and we almost found a
Dr. Pepper copycat called Dr. Stripes! Too bad the places
that had them were closed so I didn’t get to taste the
awesomeness of Dr. Pepper… The last one I had
was in London. I miss that experience haha. Friday we
didn’t get home until late so all we had time to do was
weekly planning and go to correlation.
Saturday we scrambled to see people since we hadn’t
had time to set up
appointments but it was still a good day.
On Sunday we had President J at our church again to
set apart Brother K as President K of the Bugembe Branch.
Well that was the week in my life. Hope all is well
with everyone back home. Just know that all the answers
for life have been given to us.
I’ve been reading the Old Testament and even there,
we have answers.
The Old Testament even has humor! I was reading in
2 Samuel about King David dancing with the Ark of the
Lord and it made me laugh thinking
of all the modern dances now that I could see King David
doing along the Ark and how his wife saw him doing them
and was pretty much like
“this guy looks ridiculous.”
I love the scriptures so make sure you
read them! Love and miss you all so much!
Elder Welch

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