Sunday, April 24, 2011

So the week was good. We’ve just been teaching the good investigators
we’ve had to weed out throughout the weeks and we’re preparing about 4
of them for baptism this upcoming week. They are P , Al , D ,
and U . P is a pretty smart lady and she’s not bad on the eyes
if I do say so myself. She’s a referral from a woman who just became a
local missionary and I think it sparked P’s interest in the
gospel. She’s about 21 and we’ve been seeing her often the last two
weeks to prepare her for his baptism.

A is still a work in progress and we are hoping he can forsake all
the wicked things he’s been accustomed to with his friends.
We are hoping he will be ready by Friday when we will have to have the
baptisms because of Stake Conference.

D and U are two young men from the orphanage. I don’t know if
mentioned but the orphanage owners are recent converts as well and I
even interviewed the man who owns the place for baptism. This will be
the 6th young men baptized from that orphanage. They are good kids but
they have lived part of their life on the street so they are
accustomed to a few shocking things we’ve told them they must forsake.

On Thursday we had a Zone Development Meeting and it went well until
we got a call that their were mass protests all over Uganda.
Apparently the opposition leaders staged a “walk to work day” and the
government of course was pissed at any sign of resistance so they were
tear gassing, shooting, and arresting people who were involved in
walking to work. The opposition leader, Besigye, was shot in the hand
and is in jail right now. People are pretty mad but things are
remaining somehow peaceful as of now. Needless to say that day we were
ordered to stay inside so since the meeting was in Mengo, all the
Elders came to our flat. It was pretty fun actually because we had
monopoly at the house so all of us Americans played that. I of course
won but apparently I cheated everyone. We played again, and again I
won. I was again accused of cheating everyone though. That’s business

Saturday we started watching General Conference and it was awesome! I
loved this conference. We also had the baptisms of Joy and Lillian on
Saturday after the sessions.

On Sunday we finished up watching the sessions of conference and
L and Jwere confirmed. I loved Richard G. Scott’s talk and it
honestly makes me just want to get married. That is the kind
of marriage I want to have and even though his talk was all about his
wife, I absolutely loved it. I also liked Elder Holland’s of course
like usual, even though it was mainly him talking about President
Monson haha. Overall I just loved watching it and it makes me realize
I was so stupid about watching it for the first 19 years of my life. I
will definitely not sleep through it again (right Clayton!).

Overall the week was good and things are winding up for this transfer
so that we can start a new one afresh starting next week. I love you
all and hope you all know how much I care about all of you. I think
about you all constantly and you’re always in my prayers. Keep the
faith and seek after that which is good. Wickedness never was
Elder Welch

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