Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elder M is my new companion and he’s
been out about 6 and a half months? He’s been
a member for a while, his brother is an RM and
kind of set the example for him. I think only
his father isn’t a member but his mom and
younger brother are also. We’re getting along
great, he’s a hard working guy. All Africans
that serve here go to the
South Africa or Ghana MTCs.

The week has been good. A lot of teaching and
stuff but nothing too exciting. We had a DDM on
Wednesday and the AP’s came (Elder R and Elder
D) as well as four branch missionaries
so it was a good DDM of 10 people. Back in
Nsambya I was used to their just being 4 of
us there for those.

Saturday I interviewed a guy from the sister’s
side and had to use an interpreter to interview
him but he passed and was pretty well
converted. A very emotional guy though because
when I asked him about his mother’s information
he said he didn’t know who she was and
started crying for a few minutes. Honestly though,
it was pretty sad and even now I can’t help but
tear up thinking about that kind of a
situation. Like I said to Stephanie, I don’t know
what all of us kids did in the Pre-existence to be
so blessed with having you both as our

A guy from our side was baptized.
He’s a great guy and will be a
great missionary someday.

On Sunday we had a pretty good service and I was
the impromptu teacher of the Elder’s quorum. I
was handed the Ensign or Liahona with
the talk by Elder Robert D. Hales on Agency and
told to teach it since the Elder’s quarom president
wasn’t there. That was about 30 seconds
before the lesson started… It went pretty well
nonetheless. It reminds me of that scene in The RM
movie where they compare Elder’s quorum and
Relief Society. The Relief Society always has a
display, handouts, music, and all that stuff and
they cut back to the Elder’s quorum and
they are all sitting there, no one has the manuals,
and the one guy teaching is just like we’ll be
reading the first 6 pages of the lesson
haha. Women really are what hold us men together.

We had the baptisms after and they were great,
again the guy from the sister’s side was scared
of water and pretty emotional for the
baptism. The S ’s were there for church as you
could see and were able to attend this baptismal

Well that’s the week for me.
Keep the faith! The church is very true, we can
try and find reasons not to believe but in the end,
nothing justifies ‘a little
Elder Welch

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