Sunday, May 1, 2011

I’m going to
Ethiopia! I will be there by the time you read this. I will be opening
up a new area and attempting to learn a new language. Unfortunately
the area doesn’t speak English or even Amaric so it’s going to be
hard. Also most of the people in this area, called Shashanana or
something, are Rastafarians.

Easter was good. We had the Stake Conference and it was great. We
heard from the Area Seventy, Elder Watson, who’s an awesome guy. He
was the former secretary to the 1st Presidency and worked under 6
Presidents of the church personally until President Monson decided he
needed to be an Area Seventy. He speaks like a member of the 1st

P , D , and U were all baptized on Friday to make sure it
didn’t conflict with conference. It was great and they should all be
confirmed this Sunday by the new missionaries in Mengo. My former
companion is also being transferred to another area in Kampala.

So the week has been good. Mostly preparing those people for baptism,
and preparing the area for the new Elder to come, not much that is new
though. Rwanda won’t be opening for some time now apparently. The
government there has kind of tabled signing the documents to allow the
church there because of their fear towards religion. The genocides
there were largely because of churches sadly. I do get to go to a new
country though, and Ethiopia will be awesome! I’m excited. The Stake
Conference on Sunday was great and we had a nice Easter dinner. Now
today I’m just waiting for the flight to take me and a couple of other
Elders to Ethiopia so we can start the work we need to do there. Not a
lot of time though and I think we will be leaving there soon. Sorry
this email is shorter than usual but you understand the circumstances.
Talk to you next week.

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