Sunday, May 22, 2011

The week’s been good. I for sure won’t take anything for granted
anymore. Power, water, food. Those are all luxuries it seems.
We’ve been living in the house we
have now for the past couple of weeks, it’s just been under
construction while we’ve been there. The pictures of the building with
all the bright colors is our house, and the church meeting group room
for Sheshamene.
I even saw Memphis on Al Jazeera when I was at a restaurant. It’s
crazy to see how high the Mississippi has gotten.
So my week was pretty good. Not so much teaching. We only taught on
Tuesday because than on Wednesday we had all the interviews for the
baptisms as we went up to Adis Ababa on Thursday morning and arrived
there in the late afternoon.
Friday we had the leadership training with Elder Watson again. He came
to Ethiopia to do the same training which was great but I had heard it
already. I guess it just got it in my head better. The training was on
the need for councils and how they help keep the membership in the
church active, and safe.
Even after the trainings I was able to be interviewed by Elder Watson.
What a great experience to get interviewed by a General Authority. He
mostly just asked me questions about what I wanted to do with life and
everything. It was still great.
We got back late Saturday afternoon and rushed over to the church for
a baptism. Brother Bayena of our area was baptized and it was great.
He was confirmed Sunday and even given the priesthood immediately.
On Sunday we also had 7 more baptisms from our side which was great.
Five of them came from one family and they were the five more kids to
one of the Preachers baptized. His seven kids have now all been
baptized so it’s great.
Next week Elder Macmillan and myself are hoping to open up the meeting
group in Sheshamene and having sacrament in Wendo Genet. It shall be
great! We are getting chairs, and a bunch of things from President
Parrish tomorrow. I’m excited because we had just filled the chapel in
Awasa past capacity and people were sitting outside of the building.
That was 90 people we had there and we hope to make Awasa into it’s
own District apart from Adis soon.
Well that has been my week. I hope you are all doing well and safe and
that you know I love you all so much. Stay healthy and awesome.

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