Saturday, August 20, 2011

(Trying to catch up emails!)

My week was good. On Tuesday we got to help build a house in Wendo Genet. I guess all the people there just help build other peoples’ homes and all they do is just have the person whose house their building cook lunch. It was fun to be able to help build that house. It was kind of like Zion where everyone just teamed up and helped each other build. There was no poor among them.

We also had water heaters put into our house so no more cold showers! It was so nice to have a nice warm shower again.

On Saturday we did some yard work and had some guy cut the grass. I was able to design the garden and plan lettuce, tomatoes, swiss chard, and carrots. I hope they grow since it was my first time ever doing it. We did have one of our investigators who works for Morrell Agro help show us how to plant the seeds.

We also had the baptism of our dear brother, H. He’s a funny guy. We got to the church and showed him the bathroom and told him he could change in there so he could shower after the baptism. Well we were all sitting there waiting for him and then the Counselor in the District Presidency was just like “he didn’t listen to me, he’s showering now”. Haha it was pretty funny that he was showering before the baptism. He came out wet and people who showed up late thought he had been baptized already.

We got to visit Arse Negele too on Saturday and Sunday. The people there are great and the one man wishes to have church services in his home once they become members.

On Sunday we had church, of course. We had 33 people at church even though it was pretty cold. We had the confirmation of H which was good. Other than all of that, we did the other basic missionary work. Just teaching and such.

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