Monday, August 29, 2011

The week was well. We had a meeting with President Jackson up in Addis Ababa so we were there from Thursday to Saturday. We didn’t get much time to teach during the week so attendance on Sunday wasn’t that great. The meetings in Addis were great. The Spirit was so strong. There was one training by one of the Assisstants to the President who is from Chicago and a convert to the church of only about 2 and a half years (including his mission time). He asked us to come up and bear testimony to him about families and how he can help the rest of his family join the church. Everyone was crying including me and the Spirit was strong. It was amazing too because he recently found out that his Grandfather was also a member of the church and it was just a great training. President also took us to the Hilton for dinner was was pretty good.

We came down on Saturday but the bus ride took FOREVER! We had a baptism planned for Saturday but had to postpone it until Sunday. The bus driver seriously looked like a pirate and kept stopping every 5 miles. He even ran out of gas at one point and we waited for like 30 minutes for them to get gas. I think he kept stopping because there were no winds behind the sails. Arrr matey.

Sunday was good. We only had about 25 people at church but that was expected. A lot of our recent converts are getting very busy with school and other things so we missed a lot of them. After church we went to Awassa and G was able to be baptized. He’s a great guy but was a little scared people would see him there because he used to be an evangilist preacher there. I hope when he gets strong he’ll be more open with people about him being a member of the true church. We also went to Arsi Negele and saw M and his family and friends. Like I said 13 people had saved up the money and were ready for baptism. The rest of them are still working on saving up money and others who came late still want to be taught more but things there look awesome.

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