Monday, January 23, 2012

Well this week has been a pretty quick one and not too many details. Last Monday we were able to meet up with D.J. J and his wife H. He has an awesome family and two little girls. D.J. translated for us since she didn’t know too much English and he was pretty much trying to convince her she needed to accept it haha. It was funny because they are both very social people. When we came the second time this week she was still defensive about being Protestant and we found out she hadn’t read the Book of Mormon at all. We told her that the reason she can’t accept this is because she hasn’t been trying, and that if she read the Book of Mormon she would be reacting totally differently. She promised to read the Book of Mormon. They both also came to church on Sunday and brought their 3 year old daughter. They seemed to like it but I don’t think he knew there were 2 hours of classes after sacrament meeting. I think they enjoyed it though.

We also me with S and his family the Saturday and Sunday. They are ready for their baptism on Sunday but the only problem is the mother wasn’t able to make it to church this Sunday so we aren’t sure whether we will just baptize S and his daughters, or have them wait one more week to see if the Mom will make it to church. We asked them to pray about it and to decide this week what they felt would be best to do as a family.

Hopefully we will also be able to meet up with the driver for the Branch President’s family. His name is M and  he drives for two of the families at the embassy. His two siblings also work at one of the families homes so we hope to be able to teach them all sometime soon. The driver has come to church the last 3 months, but mainly because he drives them to church and just stays for the meetings. He’s a cool guy.

Other than that we are just teaching some individuals here and there, and we weren’t able to meet up with C this week. He said he had some questions but we didn’t find the time to meet. I hope he can progress. The week has been good, and I hope you all have had a great

Elder Welch

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