Monday, January 2, 2012

Well the week has been good. I was in Awassa at the beginning of the week but I got a call from President Parrish on Tuesday night letting me know that I would be transferring while we were in Addis for the Christmas party since we would be coming up for that anyways. President Jackson had let me know it was going to happen in our interview on Sunday so I already knew.

Well Thursday I packed my stuff and said farewell to Awassa. I felt bad leaving though because I knew literally every member, and every recent convert in that entire region. I was leaving 59 recent converts and probably just as many people I interviewed for baptism from the other areas. I will definitely miss Arsi Negele. There are 17 members in that city I taught and baptized and President Jackson visited there and said it was one of the most Spiritual experiences he’s had in his entire mission meeting with the Saints there. They are so faithful and so converted. I was blessed beyond capacity to be able to have the opportunity to teach those people and to see the Spirit convert them to the truth.

We spent the night in Addis and then on Friday morning we played some basketball, watched Home Alone, opened presents, had a nice lunch, and had a devotional on the true meaning of Christmas. It was pretty awesome! After the party Elder O took my place and those missionaries headed back to Awassa. That zone is in good hands nevertheless.

We’ve just been teaching and doing a little bit more work for the missionaries up here the last few days. We did teach an awesome family of a Mom and Dad with 3 kids about the Restoration. They were a referral but they really understood the lesson well. On Sunday the Dad and the two oldest kids came to church and loved it.

Sunday was an amazing service. It was so organized and I was able to bear my testimony as a new missionary here. There were 116 there at church and quite a few investigators. I was also able to do an interview for another areas baptism and we had two baptisms here. I don’t really count them because I never taught the people but they were pretty awesome.

I also opened the rest of the presents mom and dad gave me and I’m getting old when I get excited about a new tie and white shirt. Thanks so much! We also then went to President S’s home for a Christmas dinner which was tasty. His kids performed the nativity for us and it was pretty awesome.

And now today I’m just at the office here for Ethiopia emailing. It’s pretty cold up here actually and I feel like I can’t type very well because my fingers are cold. It does give me the chance to wear my sexy jacket!

Keep the faith. Life isn’t so much of a judging of works but more of a judging of what we are becoming by the end of our lives. I hope that I’m becoming better each day but the Lord does show us our weaknesses, and then makes us stronger if we can recognize those things. Keep it realsies!!!

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