Sunday, March 11, 2012

This week we had 34 investigators total for the church in Megenagna. It was awesome. 13 for us, 13 for the DL, and 8 for the other companionship. A total of 118 at church this week so it was amazing!!!!

The week was great. Elder C eventually got his license and scares me with his driving sometimes. I’m sure I scare him with mine too. For me it’s I’m too over confident when driving, and for him he’s very indecisive. Haha maybe we’ll learn from each other to be more like the other.

Wednesday we had our ZDM and Elder Calcote did an excellent job conducting the meeting. We really tried to make sure everyone was focusing on baptism

Afterwards the P’s took us out to lunch and it was a nice 5 course meal at some orphanage place where they teach the orphans to cook and stuff.

Friday we went over to the Elders in a part of Addis who we kind of neglect and we were there for their weekly planning. They are doing really well and hope to have 5 baptisms in just this next week alone. That district is suffering though because there are now 4 of the 6 missionaries missing because of visa problems. We also went and saw F’s family later in the night and were able to share about the Restoration with a couple of their friends.

Saturday we received a referral from G, a recent convert, and it was his sister whom we went to see together. The only problem was there was some protestant pastor there who kept trying to fight about doctrine and was really just bringing in a different Spirit.

Later that day we also received some referrals from some very strong members in the Branch. They come every single week, early too, and they are just the most faithful people. The referrals were 10 and 11 year old boys…. Apparently their families are neighbors but want the boys to be taught and to come to church before they decide to come, because they want to see how it goes. They are Orthodox and it looks like they are looking to leave that church. I refuse to baptize those boys by themselves but hopefully the boys enjoyed church yesterday and their families will become interested and come next week.

Sunday was great. Like I said, we had 118 there and 34 of them were investigators (over 8). Everything went very well and it was a well organized day. We also finally have a 2nd counselor in the Branch and a new Elder Quorum President. Both of those new callings went to brothers who returned within the last month. Afterwards we had the baptisms of S and J. They were so powerful and the two of them bore such powerful testimony. J didn’t come with his family though because apparently his family was still getting ready and he didn’t want to be late for church so he left them and told them to come after him. They didn’t but he says he might wait for them this next week haha.

Well that’s about all that’s going on. Keep the faith and keep being awesome!
Elder Welch

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  1. Congratulations on refusing to baptize 2 young men without their parents to give them support. Sometimes of course it works out fine but from what we saw in South Africa too many teenage young men and women were baptized and then fell away in a year or less.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures...