Saturday, March 24, 2012

The week has been good.
On Tuesday we had an awesome experience. We went to Dababey’s house and talked with him about his son and getting him baptized. We talked about giving blessings and we invited him to give all of his children blessings. He gave his two daughters and son amazing blessings. He then also blessed his wife and following that, we were able to give him a blessing.

On Wednesday we had exchanges with the elders in our district and it was good seeing the people that they are teaching. The Megenagna district does really well. They’ve had the best numbers for 7 months straight now.

The next few days we just saw a bunch of the recent converts and did some picking up and dropping things off stuff.

Saturday we had some great lessons and the day was way more packed then we expected. We had a couple of baptismal interviews to do and we also saw those two young boys. The great thing was that this time, both of their mothers joined in on the lessons and we gave them both Book of Mormons. They seemed to enjoy the lesson and hopefully next time we’ll be able to teach the whole family, and eventually they will work up enough courage to come to church. They are very scared of being shunned in their mainly Orthodox community. That is the biggest thing keeping them back. Pretty sad that Christians like that can cause people to fear searching for light and truth.

Saturday night we also went to the Wright’s (Americans) for dinner. They made us burritos and we had some cake and ice cream after. It was so awesome! I miss good food from America so much, even if it is food that we stole from Mexico haha.

Sunday we had 120 at church and we also had the baptism of Meseret. She was scared when going under the water but it all turned out great. We had 11 investigators this week as well. Following church we were able to go to Mae and Ariel’s home (The Phillipinos) and they fed us lunch. Mae’s eye was pretty swollen as well and we were able to help her husband give her a blessing. I think it might have been one of the first he’s ever given but he did a great job, and the faith required was definitely there!

Today we are having a zone activity. We are having some sandwiches for everyone and the whole zone is coming together to play some sports and board games. It should be pretty fun.

Well that’s been the week I hope all is well and that you keep praying and making the right decisions.Love,

Elder Welch

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