Sunday, May 6, 2012

6 Weeks More!

Another good week and I pray they keep going fast so I'm back home soon. It's hard not to think about home and returning. Things are much different here and I look forward to going back to the comforts and commodities that I used to take for granted. Never again.

Anyways the week was good. A lot of teaching and such still, nothing out of the ordinary. We did finish up preparing C, B R and R for baptism. R wasn't able to be baptized this week though because he had work in a village outside of town. C and B R were both baptized and it was great.

We also went and saw J. We came up and found him reading the Book of Mormon on his porch which was a great sign. The only thing is that we found out his family and his wife's families are doing their best to make sure that J and P do not join the church. They are facing a lot of pressure not to be baptized again from them and it's effecting them. They want to make sure they are making the right decision too and they don't want to change again if this is the church that they decide to join. I really pray that they will be able to just cut the cord and make the decision that will be the most beneficial to their family.

We also keep trying to see F but he is never around when we go to see his family. J is still very interested in the church and doing well but it's hard that her husband is dodging us. It's the same thing with J and P for him because his friends are telling him not to listen to us and how are church is still new and all this stuff. It's frustrating that the thorns prevent people's seed from growing, but it chokes it out. I really understand the parable of the sower better now because of that.

Well on Sunday we had all three of the guys who needed to be confirmed there. They were the first 3 in the church and all looked very 'smart'. I took a picture with them as well as one of the new grey suits I got. I didn't wear the vest because it's hot, but I figure I'll start whipping out the three-piece when I get home and it's cold.

That's about all that has been going on. Not a very eventful week but it's been good and quick. Quick is the most important part right now! I hope you are all doing well and remember how much I love you guys! Keep being awesome and keep the faith. The church is true and the book is blue. Love you guys!

Elder Welch

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