Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sudanese were just wealthy and it was strange but it turns out the father is just a wealthy businessman from Sudan and is away a lot. We finally met him on Saturday and he’s a cool, but very tall, guy.
Well another week close to seeing you guys! It’s been a good one but pretty basic with a lot of finding and rebuilding the teaching pool. They only had 1 baptism in this area last transfer and they didn’t have much prepared for this transfer.

This week we did find 3 pretty cool families. All of them live somehow near the church. The head of one is named W and he’s a great guy and ready to learn. He sent his kids to church this week because he had a friend come from out of town. His wife is also very nice. We followed up on a lady named R and we met with her family which was nice. Her husband looked really young but they had 6 kids and seemed really interested. We also have been teaching this guy named F and his sister since his wife is always doing hair at the salon. He sent his sister and her two kids to the church and they seemed to enjoy it. We really need the fathers to come though because we won’t baptized a part of a family, but we want the whole!
Church was great, we had 116 and they installed a new branch president who was in the Stake High council here. He seems like a really great guy.
We are still working on the Sudanese but the father and mother were here this last week from Sudan and we were able to give the mom a blessing. The only problem is the mom, dad, son, and one daughter are going to India this week. It was cool to give them the Book of Mormon in Arabic because I’ve never heard anything but the Qur’an read in Arabic. Pretty sweet.
That’s about all we’ve been up to. Nothing else too new besides all the finding.
I love you guys so much and look forward to seeing you soon! Take care of yourselves and I’ll be home in no time. Thank you again for everything!
Elder Welch

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