Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well the week has been basic. Again, my last emails will be short
especially since we’re short on time. Elder B is still building
the relationsips with everyone so that they can lean on him when I
leave. We are hoping to have 5-6 baptisms for these last two weeks
which will be great. We finally got J to get a letter signed
saying he was married to his wife so he and J, a guy who is on the
rowing team here in Uganda should be baptized next week.

Today we went to the zoo which was fun. Sorry for no pictures but
you’ll see them in two weeks anyways. Plus I went to the zoo here
about a year ago and saw similar things. I wonder if the animals
remember me from last time? Just kidding.

Anyways that’s about all that’s going on right now. I look forward to
sending you guys my last email next week. I love you guys so much and
I’m thankful for all that you do! I can’t wait to give you guys some
hugs in person. I will probably cry when I get home but that’s only
because I’ll probably cut some onions right before I come down the
escalator, it won’t be because I’m a wuss or anything…… Haha I love
you guys so much!!!!


Elder Welch

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