Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Mosque

This week has been good. We went to the Mosque last
week which was cool so hopefully you get those pictures.
The week was busy like usual though and
right now even it’s all a blur haha. Sorry today we had
interviews and a bunch of stuff so we didn’t have as much
time to email today as usual.

We taught M and A all week which was great and ended up
with the two being baptized on Saturday and confirmed on
Sunday as well as the other two boys baptized last week.
Thursday we had a Leadership Training at the Mission home
and it was good even though no one listened to the 5-10
minute time limit besides myself and another
guy in my district. The trainings were
uplifting and made us all want to work that much harder.
Actually they told us to take bold steps so I’ve been
going into churches this last week just wanting to teach
some of the preachers about the Book of
Mormon and teaching them the Doctrine of Christ from
2 Nephi 31 but I haven’t talked to any yet. Apparently
in other parts of the country, whole congregations are joining.
Like 7 churches that are Community of Christ out in Eastern
Uganda and another Church of about 70 people up
in Northern Uganda.
That would be cool to do that kind of a thing.

That’s about the highlights of the week. Hopefully for next
week we will be able to get 4 baptisms. The one is the sister
of those boys baptized (not the Catholic one, which it isn’t
expensive to go to Catholic school I don’t think pops) and the
other 3 are young women who were in village. The young womens
number is growing pretty fast in this Ward haha. So that’s
about it. Just know that with faith, mountains can be moved.
With faith, 7 churches, 350 people can be moved. I think that
is amazing once people actually Ask, Seek,
and Knock. When they do that, they are able to know that what
we are teaching is true. Most of the people who are against the
church have never tried to actually do those things, but just
assume it is not true. If people truly investigate,
it’s pretty clear.

Elder Welch

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