Sunday, January 23, 2011

The week has been good.  It really all
is just a blur haha. On Monday like you saw,
we visited the Anglican cathedral in Mengo.
Pretty cool.

On Wednesday we had a district leaders council.
The goals for our mission are the highest numbers
that any zone has gotten. The goals
are 24 contacts a day, 6 lessons a day, 1 baptism
a week, 3 new investigators, 8 investigators at
sacrament and a few others I can’t
remember. Haha I thought it
was funny and so hopefully the new goals will be
more reachable for a well balanced day.

Saturday we had the baptism of D. She’s a cool girl and
I’m happy with the work we have done here in Nsambya so
far this year. The five baptisms we’ve had, are actually
all going to leave the area. Elder O, the zone leader,
said he thought it was a ‘slap in the face’. I
thought about it and said ‘maybe it would be for you,
but one of themis going to teach 31 people and prepare
them for baptism, one of them is going to Iraq where he
learned of the church and where he can
hopefully teach more people about the church, and three
of them are going with their whole family to a village
where the church isn’t right now to start a meeting group.’
I think those things are better for those people to go
out and spread the word even more instead of
sitting here idle in the Nsambya ward. I asked him if he
was doing more good here in Uganda, or if he did more
good back when he was in his home ward in Kenya.
I think he got the point.

Sunday D was confirmed and M (her younger brother) was
ordained a Deacon. Now when they start their meeting group,
they can have authorization to give the sacrament since
the father used to be a Branch President and now his son
can help pass it. M and A were also given the Aaronic
Priesthood in the office of Priest which
was cool. Now A can go back and teach the people in
Kanungu with authority. I’m excited for missionaries
to get there and baptize all the people he’s prepared.
We also worked with one of the AP’s on
Sunday night. It was alright, I guess some people
have different styles of contacting and teaching and
Elder D’s was just a little different
than Elder Cooley or myself were used to. Oh well
it was still a good experience to see how he teaches.

Now today I’m emailing. I had a really good
realization of how important agency is this week.
We contacted these 3 siblings who are between 20
and 15 years old. They were way interested
in the church and knew the Book of Mormon was true.
The only problem was they didn’t make it to church
on Sunday. When we went to see them
we found out that a family friend told them we
weren’t the right church, and that we were just
starting another false church and he
wouldn’t let them go. They really wanted to and
I saw how important our agency is. When agency is
blocked, it’s of the devil and limits
what life is all about. This life is a test and we
need to be able to follow God or not, according to
our own conscience. It’s great to be
apart of a church that knows how true that is and
it is even included in our main Articles of Faith.
Always remember, use your agency
wisely. We have two main choices, and there is no
fence sitting. Let us always think who we are
truly serving. (2 Nephi 2:26-27)

Elder Welch

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