Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

The week was good but a bit slow. There weren’t too
many highlights besides all the lessons and stuff.
I did like how on Wednesday we were
talking to brother W about baptism and he wasn’t sure
about if he should be baptized again. Like I told you
guys when we came back the next day, after asking him
to pray for an answer the day before,
we asked him if he got that answer. He told us yes and
how he heard a voice tell him it was ok to be baptized
again. Awesome.

Friday was the Christmas party like I said and it was
a nice break and way nice to see all the other missionaries,
couples, and mission President. There were even a couple
people visiting family from the United States.
Saturday for Christmas we just went and saw some recent
converts like P and her family and they cooked a nice
Christmas lunch for us.
We also saw brother W again. We were also fed by sister J
and it was nice hanging out with their family.

Sunday wasn’t the best because people were not showing
up for church on time. Brother W wasn’t baptized
unfortunately because like most Ugandans, he hasn’t been
legally married, but has just been
living with his wife for 8 years. I think they are
working on that and they are moving out to Mbali where we
have a branch as well and they can help them get married
out there. We talked to sister K and she
is no longer going to be living in our area but she is
moving to Bugembe, my last area, and she is going to go
to church there and get baptized. Pretty awesome because
that’s where I knew her family from anyways.

This morning we cleaned our apartment a bit and went
to the Ba’hai temple. It’s the only Ba’hai temple for
Africa and there are only 8 in the entire world.
It was a pretty cool site and the philosophy and
teachings of the church are great! The only problem
is it has a lot of holes in it haha. I guess I won’t be
converting to Ba’hai after all.

The weeks been good and the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Still trying to figure out why people do the things they
do here but I know with the Lord and the help of a good
church teaching what God wishes, the people’s lives can
and will be changed for the better. It is very
evident in every day life it is just a slow process of
getting people to actually come to the church. Well that
is all for this week and it
was so great to talk to you guys!
I love you all and I wouldn’t be
here without you. You are always in my prayers and
I hope your families are all well. Love and hugs!

Elder Welch

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