Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Week

This week has been good. Lessons and such.

The only problem has been people leaving for village

throughout the week so our teaching pool has greatly

decreased. We were going to have a baptism for example

this Sunday but the girl who was supposed to be is

leaving with her family for the village. We are planning

on and hoping for 5 baptisms the 26th to end the year off.

They will be baptized and confirmed the same day just

to avoid any confusion with things going into the next year.

Nothing too interesting really to tell you the truth besides a

Christmas party that the Kampala Stake had on Saturday.

Turns out it was really just a devotional and the Stake

Presidency spoke. The talks were a little bit slow and

boring but it was good. That’s what the pics of the

missionaries sleeping and yawning are from by the way

haha. After I was expecting a ton of food but nope,

just a banana, cupcake, and a samoosa. After I brought

some boxes for people to throw their garbage in and

apparently I didn’t explain to them how throwing garbage

in a box works, because I came back to see no one there

in different areas with an empty box and garbage everywhere.

Us missionaries just cleaned it up hoping people would start

understanding the concept.

Sunday we had our Ward Christmas program. It was good

besides the fact that the Bishop had to stop everyone midway

through one of the songs because no one was singing it right

at all. That was pretty funny. M , P , and T were confirmed too

and I performed M and T ’s confirmations so it was pretty cool.

The night was good.

Today we just worked out a bit and I cut my hair again for this

next transfer. That’s about all that there is to write about really.

I can’t wait to call you guys this Saturday. It will be awesome.

Remember, around 9 in the morning. I love you guys!

Elder Welch

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