Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving day

The week was good but a bit stressful because of
a lot of moving and a few wasted days of work.
Tuesday we expected to move all day and than
in the afternoon they called and told us they
wouldn’t be able to move us that day after all.
We just went to our area for a couple of hours
and taught some lessons and went home after a
half day wasted.
The next day we finally moved into our new place
which is nice and cozy. Not too big but not too
small. We are the only ones in the small
walled complex which is a very nice change.
We are right smack dab in the middle of all of
the Catholic buildings though so it’s a bit
awkward. The first few hours we were there we
had a couple of nuns come to our door and were
surprised to see a few white guys answer the
door. Pretty funny.
Thursday we had a Leadership Training at the
Mission Home in Kololo all day. I gave a short
10 minute training and it was pretty fun, but
another day without seeing people.
On Friday we finally got to see people and set
up times to interview them for baptism but again
I had a “Leadership Retreat” with the Zone
Leaders, the other District Leaders in the Zone,
and the Traveling Assistants. Pretty good but I
didn’t get to see anyone again!
Saturday we stressed about finding everyone and
getting them interviewed for baptism. We talked to K,
who’s brother is an RM
and who was going to baptize her yesterday, and it
turns out she had some sickness that was causing her
much discomfort. She was so determined to just get
baptized and than go to village but we told her
we would just do everything when she got back.
Man that was kind of a bummer.
Sunday was stressful too. Church started and it had
been raining all morning and was still raining when
it started. There were maybe 20
people there overall and the people who were going to
be baptized didn’t show up. I was so stressed out. Well
the three eventually showed up and my fervent prayers
throughout the meeting were answered. P, T, and M were
all baptized yesterday. It was awesome. P is pretty
awesome and knows everything. She bore a powerful
testimony after she was baptized.
T is a bit shy but she too is a cool girl. We found
both her and
M through P. M is only about 13 but he’s a funny
kid. Just pretty cool and laid back.
Well that was the week. Pretty good but like always,
full of stress.
Hope you are all doing well and that you feel my
prayers for you all each night. The church is true,
just read the scriptures and it is
obvious. You can do that or an even easier way is
just simply feel it is true through the power of God.
A testimony is a heck of a thing.

Elder Welch

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