Sunday, February 6, 2011

So the boy that we baptized this Sunday is awesome.
During the baptismal service the Bishop talked
about him and how impressed with him he was and how
smart he is. He said he was going to be a future
leader not only in the church but in
other areas of life. Even the Relief Society
President said he knows too much, but in a good way.
It’s just sad and unfortunate that he’s
lost his parents and hasn’t been able to go to
school for a year. His sister has been taking care of
him and her two kids as well. He’s been a real asset
in translating the lessons into a
language that his sister could understand.

So this weeks been another great blurry week.
Mainly lessons and preparation for baptisms.
On Friday Elder Tuttle came and interviewed
F, J, and D for baptism. They all passed which was

Saturday we had a Zone Activity/Party for a few
wards in Makindye. It was a pretty good party and a
lot of people came. It was fun and we
even got transfer news there. The pictures we took
are pictures of the Nsambya zone.

We found out that I will be staying here in Nsambya
for another transfer or two maybe. I will
be getting Elder M who is from Zimbabwe and finishes
his mission after this transfer. I’m killing him so
that’s probably why I will be
in Nsambya for another transfer after this.

Sunday was great. J and D were baptized and were
F was there but he was thinking his baptism was for
next Sunday so we will have it than. It’s good
because we still had the District
goal of 10 for the month. Again, all those were
from Elder C and me. We also had a lot of great
investigators come to church on Sunday
so we’re hoping to have those people baptized over the
next few weeks.

Well that’s the week. Another blurry not so exciting
one but we are getting the work done. I’m so happy that
you have raised me in the church to be the man I am.
Stay classy.

Elder Welch

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