Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy V-Day !
They actually do celebrate Valentines day here.
I’ve noticed signs for parties for it and people
selling flowers and chocolates. If there
was a holiday which had to do with a man and a
woman being together, they will celebrate it.
They are very for that kind of stuff it seems.

The weeks been good. A lot of teaching and such like
usual. There were some highlights though. We’ve
continued to work with A’s family lately but the only
thing is she wants to be baptized so
much but can’t, because her and her ‘husband’ have been
living together for over 22 years not legally married.
At the very least we will get her 4 children baptized.
She even came to the church on Saturday to help clean
and she’s not even a member!

We have another guy named B who is really smart and just
the right age to go on mission in a year. He’s 18 and
really loves the Book of Mormon. He has two siblings who
are actually members who moved away.
We took a little trip this last week to see his 86 year
old, former Anglican Preacher, father to see if it would
be ok for him to be baptized. His father was soooo happy
to see us and gave his blessing for B to join the church.
We gave them a few copies of the Book of Mormon and he
said he would read it. I don’t think missionaries have
ever been to where we were on Saturday haha. The town B
was from was really nice though and they should get
missionaries there asap!
The town had all nicely paved roads, no garbage anywhere,
and it was quiet. Much different than anywhere missionaries
are now in Uganda.

Sunday wasn’t too bad. Church attendance wasn’t like last
week and we didn’t have quite as many investigators there
because of some personal incidents I guess. We did have 7
there though and it was good to see
them. The literacy class we started last week is going
great and the women that we have in there are powerful.
These mothers of these families are very legit women and
gives some nice age to this previously YSA ward. We even
saw J and D later that night
and they fed us which was an answer to my prayer because
I didn’t have any food at the apartment and I prayed that
we would get fed that night. Thank goodness! Haha.
We also gave J and D a Book
of Mormon stories book and they love it. They are almost
done with it and understand the Book of Mormon so much
better because of it. What a genius thing. It’s only 1000
shillings here too which is a little less
than 50 cents.

Today we’re going to the American Recreation Area and it
should be a good time. I think we’re going to play basketball
and other stuff there possibly? I don’t really know what to
expect. Well that’s been the week. This next week isn’t going
to be much work but we will at
least be safe. I hope things don’t get too crazy here but the
‘President’ here has been ruling for 30 years just like the
Egyptian President. The roads and stuff were actually cleaner
and nicer back when
Idi Amin was around. Kind of sad….

I know the work is so true. This last
week our Mission President trained us on the story of the
sowers in the New Testament. The parable of the seed being
sown by the sower onto 4 different types of ground. We’ve
been trying to read it with our investigators lately and
it’s a great story to help motivate them
into being the last good seed, which is the one that endures
to the end. I encourage you all to read it and ask yourselves
which seed you are really being, and which kind of fruit you
are bringing forth, whether 30, 60, or 100. It’s in Mark 4
and in the other gospels in other places. Read it and apply it.
It will motivate you to be a
better member of the church.

Elder Welch

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