Sunday, February 27, 2011

Staying Safe

Haha 20 years eh! Don’t feel old,
Dad you know you’re still faster than me!

A is a great woman. Her four kids are I
(15 and a half),A (14), M (11), and A (8).
They are great kids and A has actually been
teaching them all the lessons to make sure
they are prepared. We can’t always see all
the kids with all their activities so we
usually teach A and a couple kids and she makes
sure to teach the rest of the kids. She’s great!
The literacy class is just a class where they
teach it in Luganda but also read things in English
to hopefully help the people in the class
know English better. It is doing great actually and
a lot of the people we are teaching are attending
that class on Sunday’s in replacement of Gospel
Principles. They use and read the Gospel
Principles book but it is just translated into
Luganda and they discuss things in Luganda in there.
Sister C, a great member here, teaches that class.

We made sure to buy a lot of food for the apartment,
no worries haha.
We usually buy from both little shops and my favorite
store is the Embassy Supermarket. It’s right across
from the American Embassy and has a ton of things
other stores don’t have that are American. It’s
great but some things are a bit spendy at times. All
four of us live in a house that has a walled in
complex and us American Elders usually
pay a member 5,000 shillings to do our wash each week.

The lock in wasn’t bad at all. We borrowed the tv
and dvd player from the church to make sure we could
watch some things so we didn’t go crazy. We also had
scriptures and other things to read and I was able
to catch up on some sleep. It was kind of like a
vacation on mission? Haha. Museveni made sure to
have military forces out everywhere during the day
the results came out.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes as well.
I appreciate it and it’s good to be 20 now. Maybe
people will start taking me seriously?
Probably not still haha.

The week was pretty short. Monday we went to the
ARA and played tennis and some other things. I
realized that tennis is actually pretty fun
and I want to play some more of that and racquetball
when I get home.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to teach some
lessons to A and her kids, B, and K and D. We wanted
to make sure to see them as much as possible before
we were locked up. Thursday through Sunday we were
stuck inside besides going out for church on
Sunday. We just watched movies and hung out mostly
during that period. Church was good though. We had
a decent attendance for people being
gone for elections and even Elder M and I had 12
investigators at church. We are planning for those
7 baptisms still for on Saturday.
Church was great but afterwards we went back inside
again to make sure to be safe.

Well that’s the week basically. Pretty boring but it
was good to see things have gone relatively peacefully
since elections and we hope it stays that way. It’s
sad that people don’t have true democracy here
but if they want to change that, I hope they can do that
in a peaceful way. I know that with faith in Jesus Christ
all things are possible, even changing your country for
the better, and that is what us as Missionaries are
trying to do for the people here in Uganda.

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