Saturday, June 25, 2011

The guy who works for LDS charities should be baptized this week along
with his family. We had 13 investigators at church and we’re teaching
quite a few people. They mostly speak English because we haven’t had a
local missionary but we can start dipping into those that don’t know
English as well once we get a translator.
The Humanitarian missionaries are helping with building water wells,
teaching people correct ways of getting water, and placing things that
have been donated from the church.
This week was good. I was in Addis Ababa again. This time we were up
there for a leadership training with President Jackson and the 5
greenies that are starting their missions in Ethiopia. The trainings
were great but took up a couple of our days.

The rest of the week was spent teaching and other things. We are still
preparing about 4 or 5 people to be baptized this coming Saturday. One
is the man who works for the LDS charities and his wife
and son . The other two are the daughter of the 2nd counselor in
Awassa and referred us to his
daughter. T is her neighbor and friend. Those two women are the
most humble and submissive girls I have ever met though! They usually
just sit there for the lessons and accept every thing we teach them. I
don’t think there could be greater people to teach.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the drive down from Addis to
Shashemene was quite the adventure. After the meetings on Saturday
afternoon we needed to go back for church the next day so they hired a
taxi and the District President of Addis had his brother drive it for
us (the brother isn’t a member). We drive for about five minutes and
were still on one of the main roads when this guy starts trying to go
around a parked taxi. We’re only going about 10-15 miles per hour but
I see this taxi and I’m just thinking, we’re way too close to this
thing when BAM. We smash right in the back of it and gave us all quite
a shock. Luckily we were going slow but it was actually quite
humorous. We all joked it was because this guy had taken off so
quickly that we didn’t have time to pray for a safe travel, so we made
sure to pray for that as he got out and was arguing with the other
We finally get a different driver and get on the way. It was
seriously the longest trip though. The guy was driving so slow! We
didn’t get home until past 10:30 in the evening and we were all pretty
Sunday was great. Elder O and I held the service in Shashemene
and we had 27 people there this week. 13 actual investigators this
time and not so many children. We are hoping to get 22 more chairs
this week so we can get the attendance up to 50. We started the
primary this week too and it went great. The kids that were there were
very interested in the lesson about Adam and Eve.
Well that’s the highlights of my week, I want you all to know how much
I love you all and that the church is true,

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