Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have been coming to Adis a lot huh? I’m actually here again haha

We were teaching the kids the song in English. We are working on getting people to do things. This week in Wendo Genet actually, the District President was there from Adis to conduct the meeting, and we had 2 men from the group bless the sacrament (one prayer in English and the other in Ahmaric) and we had two guys pass the sacrament. They did a pretty good job for their first time. All I had to do was conduct the meeting that day. I did kind of instruct the guys with the sacrament while I was conducting with eyes and hands though. The gospel principles class was led by someone and we had the primary taught by another. I didn’t have to do anything, well mostly since I don’t know the language and the District President was interviewing some people at the time.
The weeks been good. Elder M has been in Uganda most of the week so I was with the two local missionaries in Shashemene. Those two were a little like tweetle dee and tweetle dum at times but they’re good guys. We spent the week teaching and preparing the people we had for baptism. Nothing too eventful.

On Saturday the District President came down from Adis Ababa to do some business and did the interviews for us in Wendo Genet since there was no one else around to interview the people. We also settled a few things in preparation for the meeting groups like chairs and cleaning supplies.

On Sunday I went to Wendo Genet while Elder B (local from Awassa) and a counselor from the Awassa branch handled things in Shashamene. It was amazing in Wendo Genet on Sunday! We had 86 people at sacrament meeting and so many people went up to bear testimony. President H, the District President, was very impressed with the people there. We had 5 baptisms following the church service. The funny thing was that the water pump was broken so they had no running water… Well we weren’t going to let satan get his way so they payed some guys to collect water from the river and dump it into the Baptismal tank there. Oh we also delivered a baptismal font there to Wendo Genet for convenience. The water was very brown, so I can say I baptized in a river that was in a baptismal font. I baptized 4 of the people there. We took a picture of all the faithful members!

After church we made the trip back up to Adis and went to one of the couples home for a zone activity. We had tacos and played games. We showed up quite late for it but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Today we also had another activity of hiking up some mountain. It kind of sucked.. haha but it’s all good. Afterwards we got pizza and now we’re emailing. So that has been the week! Things are great though and I can’t wait to start being on the downhill side of my mission. I love you all and I am so glad to be lucky to be serving in the great areas I’ve had. The church is true and the blessings are great.
Elder Welch

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