Saturday, June 18, 2011

This week I didn’t get to go to Wendo Genet, and actually that isn’t my area anymore.
I will miss it. My new companion, Elder Ogollah, and I will be full time in Shashemene
now. Elder O is only 4 months on mission and he’s from Kenya. He’s a great guy.
I’m happy you guys were able to see a little bit of what I get to see when
you went to the zoo.

So the week was pretty basic. I was in Addis Ababa again all week. I was up there
waiting for my companion to fly in from Uganda. He was supposed to fly in
Wednesday, but even worse than your flight experience, they got to the airport
on Wednesday and the mission had not bought the tickets yet… So they had
to drive back to Kampala and fly in Thursday evening instead. On Thursday
night we got to eat with President and Sister Parrish at a nice restaurant and
I too had Mexican food! It was pretty good.

Friday morning President Parrish drove Elder O and myself down to Shashemene
with a few supplies and got settled in. Than we just taught lessons on
Friday and Saturday.

Sunday Elder O and myself were in Shashemene and we had a nice meeting.
It started only 15 minutes late this time but we had a decent attendence of
24 people. It was a little bit better because there were more adults there
than usual. Usually a lot of our attendence was coming from little kids
from around the house but this time they didn’t show haha.

We’re working on the few good people we have in Shashemene right now
and we’re hoping to baptize this one man who works for LDS Charities
on the 25th. I think he will become the group leader. The funny thing is
that his first time going to church, he called the humanitarian missionaries
in Adis right after and said ‘I went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saint Charities today!’ Haha it was pretty funny I guess.

See you in a year.

Elder Welch

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