Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two months left. Niceeeeee. I’m pretty excited to work on this last 1/12th of my mission. Can’t wait to see you guys.
Sorry about not sending pictures. For some reason these computers here won’t let me send pictures. If I can find one that will I’ll send them, if not you guys might have to wait two months to see the rest. Sorry about that. The computers here are just horrible in comparison to Ethiopia.
We are figuring our way around Gulu a lot better and we are getting a lot more investigators to church. We drive around the city but we park it and walk when appointments are close together.
I was on an exchange this week for a day with a missionary who’s been out for 5 months. He was more tired than I was! I thought I would be able to relax being in his area but I ended up having to teach his investigators as midway through almost every lesson he just started playing a game on the phone. 
A lot of people live in huts here. They aren’t that bad on the inside though, at least not what you would think. The roads are mostly dirt here but the ‘paved’ ones have so many potholes in them that you wish they were dirt, because they would be easier to drive on.
They speak a lot of Lacholi up here. Not much about Koney, although someone said he came a while ago to bury his mother.
Well the week was quick. We have been seeing a lot of families lately and struggling t get them to come to church. We were walking around around 1 PM the other day and I was complaining about how it was such a useless time to tract since there are never families home, only kids or moms. Well we knocked on this gate and found a husband, wife, and their 4 kids at home in the middle of the day! It was pretty awesome and I really appreciated getting proved wrong. The family is great. When we visited again we found out that the woman’s mother had gone to the church and was planning on being baptized but moved to Tanzania suddenly. She told her daughter to keep meeting with us though and to go to that church. Pretty nice to have the support of her mom like that. The woman’s name is J, her husband is F, and they have the four kids named A, P, J, and Princess. An awesome family! They all came to church on Sunday too besides the father because of something in the family.
On Sunday we sacrament meeting and then watched the Sunday session of conference. Again, they watch it in segments to make sure everyone sees them I guess haha. It was great and the two words I really needed to hear and use in my life were from President Uckdorf, ‘stop it.’ I like that. I need that haha. We had 10 investigators there this time.
I also ended up giving a couple of shirts and pants to some orphanage here that is run by a Professor at BYU-Idaho. I figured I didn’t need them and what they heck.
 I’ve had to learn a lot of things on my mission and one of them is that I was too idle and not enough help. I love you guys!!!! See you in two.
Elder Welch

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