Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well the week was great. I’m really lucky to have Elder B right now because he’s a great worker and is keeping me working. We spent a lot of our time this week following up on the people we’ve found over the last two weeks. We had a few of them come to church this week and they seemed to enjoy the services. We’ll see them this week and we’ll see if we can keep them coming and progressing.

On Wednesday we had a DDM and it was pretty good.

On Friday we went to Kitgum which is a village about two and a half hours away. There are some members there and we visited them and made plans to come back this next weekend. We will only be able to go with one of us so we will split this week and Elder B will take one of the other elders this time there to teach their friends and families.

Saturday we followed up on some people and made some last efforts to get some people to come to church on Sunday. We also cleaned the church in the morning and had a baptism in the evening. I also had a suit made for pretty cheap and it turned out pretty well that got finished that day.

On Sunday we had quite a few people come. 163 people this week and it was pretty full. I also was able to wear the new suit which was nice. It’s a three-piece. I figured I might as well go all out on it if it’s so cheap here. We had 8 investigators there as well and we should have a baptism this Sunday. His name is K and the other elders were teaching him before they left. He’s a good guy of about 22 and will hopefully serve a mission in a year. We were supposed to have another guy named R baptized but he missed church because he was in the village. We’ll wait a few weeks on him now we think.

And now it’s Monday! Another week down. Take care of yourselves this week and I’ll see you in a couple of months now. Love you guys!!!!

Elder Welch

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