Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well the week was a bit short. On Tuesday we headed up from Kampala for the 5 hour drive to Gulu. We have a truck so Elder B and I took turns driving. It’s interesting driving on the opposite side of the car and road for the first time. It’s weird getting used to.

On Wednesday through Friday we did a lot of tracting and were shown a few of the recent converts and members which are in our area from one of the other missionaries. Elder B and I are both brand new to the area so we have to start everything from scratch this transfer. We found a few good people and everyone of course said they were coming to church but only 1 of the guys we found came. His name is Anywor and he has a wife and little girl. His wife didn’t come but he did and he’s a pretty cool guy. He understood the resoration well.

Sunday there were about 124 people there on Sunday which is good but apparently not as good as they usually get. The church should be from 150-200 I guess. We then went with one of our recent converts in this area to see some referrals. He showed us a couple of great people and their families so we hope that they can turn into some fruits. We only have 5 more Sundays before this transfer ends so starting from scratch will be hard but we hope to do well by the end of it.

It’s very hot here but the last two days it has rained and cooled things down. I was especially thankful for the rain last night because there was no power and I would have melted alive if it wasn’t cooled off by the rain. I also almost forgot that we had to change the tire on the truck because somehow we ran over 3 nails! I don’t know how that happened but it was good to get down and dirty changing a tire again. I remember doing that very often with the Altima.

Well that’s been the week. Not too eventful because we are just starting things but the people here are very very nice. The only problem is it will be hard discerning who is really interested and who is just trying to not hurt our feelings. have a great week! Keep it real!

Elder Welch

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