Saturday, September 4, 2010

I’ll just say that this has been a weird week here
for the missionaries in Bugembe. My companion Elder M
actually had to be retransferred up to a threesome
in Kampala so we’ve been in a threesome between all
of us Mazungu missionaries here since Monday
night. The work has been a little harder to do since
the three of us have to be together to cover the two
areas. The work has slowed a little bit but we’re still
working hard and I should be getting a new
companion soon. The one I should be getting is from
Mango which is a suburb of Kampala so he is a native
Ugandan. It will be nice to have someone who knows Luganda
but the only problem is he won’t know
anything about Preach My Gospel.
So I’m pretty much training now. He has only been
a member for probably a little over a year. It will be
nice though. If you’re training they say you are a father
of that person, but since he is a local they say I will be
his step-father instead? Haha.

Still haven’t moved into the new place but we are hoping
very soon. We walked past the new place and it looks
amazing now though. They’ve repainted the whole building,
walls, and the gate. It looks very nice
and will be nice living in a home that is safe from animals.
We will also be getting new beds, mattresses, nets, and
even furniture. I’m excited to move in. The old place was
only infested with a few bugs and a few other things haha.

So on Monday of this week we just had a family home evening
at the church like we always do which was fun. It’s nice to
get the teenage members there so they can all make friends
and to be able to see some new investigators. We played
volleyball in the church “parking lot.” I
also found out that this branch has 11 missionaries out
from it so it’s nice to see the work is progressing well
enough to progress it in other areas.

On Thursday we met a guy named F who wanted to become
Christian and be baptized. We taught him and we met with
him two days in a row but the third day he sadly wasn’t
there. He’s pretty legit though and
is definitely one person who has been prepared to hear
about this. We almost didn’t even contact him but we got
delayed looking for something and we just started talking
to him.

This whole week we also tried contacting at least
20 times a day and often got up to around 40. We
contacted probably about 150 people throughout the week
and we were hoping to see a few at church because
of all of our labor. It is kind of hard and depressing
a little bit to see that at church not a single one of
those people showed up. Even a
lot of our investigators didn’t show but it seemed
like all the kidsnwe “contacted” came. There were like
30 children there at church.
It was pretty insane in the membrane.

Sunday was good again. We had about 94 people attend
sacrament. It’s a good thing all those kids came!

So the pictures I sent are many. I hope you get them all.
Some are of cats, dogs, and those are monkeys in those
trees just look very closely. We worked hard as you can
see trying to preach to every“creature” on the earth.
We took a lot of pictures from the big hill that our
house is on. The pictures are of
Bugembe as well as Jinja in the distance. I took some
pictures of our house and the new house as best as I
could as well from the top. There are also a
few pictures I had Elder Benson take of Elder
Doney and myself contacting someone.

verything is going awesome. I love hearing about how
things are going there in the States.

Keep the faith. The answers are there
just look for them.


Elder Welch

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