Monday, September 27, 2010

New Companion

Yo yo. My week was great. Flew by again.
Ya water problems was annoying but we’ve
learned to be prepared in case it goes out,
which is does every few days so we keep a few
jerry cans full of water as well as some wash
bins full.

We have FHE’s almost every night here with
different families. Just last night we actually
had one at the new Second Counselor of the
Branch’s house. It was good. They fed us and we
watched the R.M.

The only time I eat fish here is if I go and get the
fish fillet at Park Villa. I don’t buy things in bulk
for the week but I’ll just buy something and prepare
it for that night, or something I can just eat. I don’t
do much shopping still haha. Yes I still hate it.

The mosquitoes here don’t bite during the day, only
at night so I don’t have to wear mosquito repellent or
anything like that. We’re also getting our furniture
today possibly, I did get my bed this last week though
which was really nice.

So this week went by fast. Monday was just regular
P-Day but on Tuesday and Wednesday we had trainings
for the new way we are supposed to teach and prepare
as missionaries. I gave one of the trainings on Wednesday
which was for an hour and it was in front of the whole
Jinja and Mbali zones. It was about 45 minutes long and I
was scared the Mission President would say something
bad about it but he didn’t. He actually told me
“your training was good, I expect nothing less than that
from you though.” So I was glad that he thought that even
though I wrote down the wrong scripture to close with
and felt stupid. The scripture was ironically about how
the Holy Spirit will bring things back to your
remembrance and I could not remember it!
Tuesday I was also able to go on an exchange with
Elder D who is one of the four AP’s. He’s a cool guy
and has about 3 months left.

Thursday was the first day with my new companion!

His name is Elder M and he’s a local missionary from

Kampala. His mission call is to Detriot, Michigan and

his reporting date is January 4th I believe so he’ll be a

local missionary until than. He’ll enjoy the cold.

It’s good to have him around though to translate for all

of the people who claim they don’t know English into


Saturday we had our baptismal interview for S.

I learned more about him from this occasion than I

ever had before. I didn’t even know he was married!

Really showed how I need to ask better questions!

Sunday we had the baptism for S. The water was

only about a foot and a half feet deep again so he had

to sit to be baptized by Farouq. I felt bad because he

wanted me to because he didn’t really know anyone

in the church that well but I told him how we wanted

a member to do it. I’ve been the one missionary who

was able to be with him throughout the whole time he

was taught. His friend, J, was also supposed to be

baptized but he didn’t feel prepared so he’s going to

be next week. Next week in Bugembe we have like

6 baptisms set up so hopefully all goes to plan.

It’s going to be a struggle to find baptismal clothes

for all the people though.

This morning we also had a zone activity so we

played volleyball at the Jinja chapel. It was fun

but I got a little sun burnt. It’s Elder Fs last P-day

too on mission so we’re going to grab some good

lunch and stuff for his last one here. That guy is

pretty cool so I’m going to have Clay chill with

the guy. They’ll get along because they both

like guitars and longboarding and all that other

boring crap. Well that’s the week for me.


Elder Welch

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