Saturday, September 18, 2010

No water week :(

Ephesians 2:19-20 I think. Look what the foundation
of the church is. The scriptures both Old, New,
and Another all convince me of the
truthfullness of the church each, and every day!

So we’ve moved in well. We still don’t have the
new beds or the new furniture we were planning on
but all is well. It’s in the same neighborhood as
our house before, just about 200 yards up the road.
It is actually a really nice place so that’s why
everyone around here probably thinks that we are
just rich as can be or something but it
turns out the house costs about 250 dollars a month
to rent. That’s nothing if you were in the U.S. so
our money is going far here.

The fish and chips here are good. They have almost
everything there is back in the States too like
Pringles salt and vinegar chips and stuff.
Those are pretty expensive here, well probably about
what they are back in the U.S. but 3 dollars for a
can of chips is too expensive for me to buy them often.

The baptism was kind of funny and I should have at
least taken a picture of what it looked like but it
slipped my mind. I’m really glad
we were able to accomplish it though.

It actually is the rainy season right now.
It rains at least every other day lately but it is
just hard to put your finger on exactly
when the rainy season is. Since we’re on the equator
the rainy season changes on occasion. The temperature
is the same all the time though but a little bit
cooler when it rains which is really nice.

Sundays are always great. This last one we had a goal
to have 18 investigators come to church but we were sad
when only 9 came.

So this week we’ve had some new goals from mission
president we were trying to accomplish. 30 other lessons
a week, 12 new investigators every Sunday, 20 contacts
a day, and 33 baptisms for the Jinja zone by
the end of September. Some of them are a bit hard,
especially the 12 new investigators every Sunday but
we will do our best to accomplish
them. We’ve been busy trying to do all of that this week.

So Tuesday we ate breakfast at the Shipley’s which
was delicious. They made us omelets and it was legit.
The only bad thing was that morning
we had absolutely no water and we wouldn’t get it
back until Friday night. That was hard. One of the
pictures is of the water I had to use
to bathe in a few times in a row. Gross I know but,
at least I was bathing right?

The rest of the week was pretty basic with just
lessons and contacting.
I show the pictures of you guys and the rest of
the family often to investigators and members of
the church so they can see that we are
normal and have families too.

Elder Welch

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