Sunday, March 20, 2011

So this week I am getting transferred to Mengo.
I told Patty of how it got its name by being
the place where the “men go” to get drunk. That
was a while ago. I’ll be the District
leader there with Elder M, again another Elder
from Zimbabwe.
Mengo is in the same zone I am in now, and it
is very near where I am right now. I should be
picked up later today to head there. Another
crazy transfer.
The mission opened two
new areas in pretty far out places this transfer
as well with 4 missionaries in each area. We got
18 new missionaries this transfer
and only lose about 4. Rwanda was supposed to
open this transfer but they couldn’t get the
final paperwork done so I think that country
might open up next transfer for proselyting
missionary work.

I definitely feel the love from your emails
and packages. I made those pink pancakes this
morning by the way (a little late for
valentines day pancakes I know) and they were
pretty delicious. Thank you so much!

The rest of the week was good. We’ve been
seeing a lot of the recent converts this last
week and still trying to prepare a few people
for baptism in the next two weeks.

Sorry I just found out that they are coming to
pick me up. The week was good though. We were
able to have a zone activity on Saturday so
we all went to the beach and had some fun there
as well as found out the transfer news.
Sunday we said some final goodbyes and I bore
my testimony in sacrament meeting. Today we have
just been cleaning and packing things
to go. Mengo will be nice and that is now going
to be my new focus eh?
I will make sure to take pictures of the new house
there and everything. I hear the apartment is
very nice but the ward has been
struggling for a while with activity and

Elder Welch

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