Sunday, March 13, 2011

So the week was good. Mainly lessons all week.
On Thursday I went with Elder M to see a
family from a nearby area he had served in and
we had dinner with Elders Mo and B.

On Sunday we had church and we had 78 people
there. Church went pretty well but it is always
frantic for us missionaries. I always just want
church to be a great experience for our

On Saturday we were able to work with the AP’s
in our area and Elder N from Zimbabwe worked
with Elder M and myself for the day.
It was pretty fun and we learned from the
veteran AP.

Keep up the faith and keep
being awesome!

Elder Welch


  1. He looks good! Is that the soda pop cake in the top picture?

  2. No, haha. It is the cake one of the other missionaries made for him. :)